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KEE Learning™ - Half-Day Enrichment Workshops

These half-day workshops are suitable for Students. They are also suitable for family. Parents and students can attend and learn together. Human Resources Department or Sports & Recreation Clubs of Organizations can organize such workshops for their staff and family members. Head of Department of Pupil Welfare from schools can also organize such in-school workshops for their students as part of their Life Skills programmes.

These workshops are designed to be interactive, lively and lots of fun. It provides Memory Improvement Techniques through lectures, motivation by the power of our memory and progress check that will allow you to learn and See Immediate Improvement.

Yes, Participants See Immediate IMPROVEMENT

Part 1: "Very Enlightening." Part 2: "Very helpful and powerful memory technique. I would recommend these workshops to my wife, children, colleagues & students."
Mr Kenny Seah,

Lecturer, Singapore Polytechnic

  I would strongly recommend any child to go through this course and inculcate this method of remembering since young. It wll definitely help in their studies.
Ms Angela Gan
Events and Activity Executive
NTUC Lifestyle World - Downtown East

"It is effective and unlike other workshops, delivers on its promises. The best I have ever attended!"
Jonathan Tiong Soon Yi, Sec 1

Victoria School

Single Session Half-day Workshops:
(Single session of 3 and a half hour for each workshop.)

Programme 1 - KEE Learning™ - MEMORY Improvement Workshop 1
Suitable for Upper Primary Students to Adults.

You will learn how to ...
~ Double, Triple or more your Memory Power.
~ Effectively Retain new Vocabulary.
~ Save time in remembering key words for tests, presentations, shopping list, standard operating procedures, things to do, things to buy...etc.
~ Instill confidence in learning new knowledge.

Choose a date of your choice*  


Programme 2 - KEE Learning™ - MEMORY Improvement Workshop 2
Must have completed KEE Learning™ - Memory Improvement Workshop 1.

You will learn how to ...
Further enhance your memory power so as to have the following benefits:
~ Memorize long list of words, including abstract words.
~ Memorize more Vocabulary.
~ Memorize numbers, examples, dates, facts, figures.
~ Save time in studying ! Instill Confidence !

Choose a date of your choice*  


Programme 3 - KEE Learning™ - SPELLING Improvement on Frequently MISSPELLED Words
Suitable for Primary 3 to Secondary 2 Students. Participants should already know phonics.

Your will learn how to ...
Improve your Memory Power to spell Frequently Misspelled Words such as homophones and words that are similar in appearance but different in meanings. Instill Confidence in Spelling Difficult Words.

Choose a date of your choice*  


Programme 4 -KEE Learning™ - VOCABULARY Improvement Workshop
Suitable for Primary 6 Students to Adults.

You will learn how to ...
Memorize new vocabulary in a fun and effective way instead of the boring Rote Learning method. Memorize up to 100 words frequently used in the newspapers so that you can use them in your report writing, compositions and daily conversations with ease. Instill confidence in learning new words. Generate interest in Reading

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For Enquiry on the workshop fee, venue and registration information, email or fill in the Contact Us Form. You can also Call / iMessage / Whatsapp me at (65) 93805685. Please indicate that you are interested in the Half-day Memory Improvement Workshop 1. Please also indicate 'Individual', 'Group' or 'Corporate' for group/corporate discount in your enquiry. *If you have 6 or more people who wish to attend the above workshops, you can choose a date of your choice.* DOWNLOAD Brochure Here. If you have 1 or 2 people and wish to be kept informed of upcoming public workshop, just send me a brief e-mail to be included in the mailing list.

Enquiry for Public or Corporate in-house Workshops in other Countries
If you wish to organize these workshops in your country, please email or fill in the Contact Us Form. You can also Call / iMessage / Whatsapp me at (65) 93805685.


Excellent! I would recommend this workshop to others because we can learn a lot of memory techniques in this workshop."
Ms Gan Tyi Chee with her 3 children, Form 5, Form 3 and Form 2,

Tangkak, Johor, Malaysia

  "Introduction to a good skill in memorizing. Must try. Just spend this 3.5 hours and it may change your life. A very worthwhile investment in yourself.".
Mr Alex Foo, Engineer, attended with his wife, Sioew Fong and 2 daughters, Yu Ki, Primary 6 and Eng Kyi, Primary 4, both from Raffles Girls' Primary School
  "Trainer was very engaging and resourceful. I would recommend this workshop to others because it is fast and effective."
Ms Nur Liyana Saine, Trainee Teacher, NIE, NTU



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